Our Approach

At VinBrain, we believe that fusing advance AI technology into medical applications can greatly assist doctors to provide quality healthcare to the general public. We are taking the challenge to build an AI Radiologist’s assistant that can provide a more accurate radiology diagnostic based on a unique Golden Truth dataset , combined with state-of-the-art AI technology, such as Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and transfer learning/multitask learning.

Golden Truth dataset

Building such an AI Medical Doctor Assistant starts with a large, high-quality dataset of medical images. We have collaborations with teams of finest radiologists and hospitals in the effort of collecting and labeling medical images. We also developed a patented methodology and application to measure and refine the quality of the labeled dataset. The result is a robust dataset, enabling us to build an AI that can detect various diseases at higher accuracy rate on average compared to radiologists.

Vinmec International Hospital

Vinmec is a non-profit institution invested and developed by Vingroup, with the mission of “Caring for talents, ethics and empathy”. Vinmec now has 7 general hospitals in operation and comprises of leading healthcare professionals who share our enthusiasm of providing the best care to patients. We truly appreciate this valued strategic partnership in providing clinical advise, help us in collecting and developing our Golden Truth dataset and evaluating our product applications quality.


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