DrAid™ MVP v1 1st Release

DrAid™ MVP v1 1st Release

One year journey!

Almost last over a year, VinBrain just started with a mission to infuse AI to medicine and medical image diagnostic. Since August 2019, our team has worked tirelessly day by day to develop an application to support doctors in improving accuracy in image diagnosis in X-ray, computed tomography (CT) scan and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). In the first phase, the application’s core use case is in chest X-ray, one of the most popular image diagnostic methodology. Shortly thereafter, a device-agnostic, cloud-based AI application aiming to assist doctors in diagnosis within 10 seconds named DrAid™ was born. We trained our models by computer vision deep learning technology (CNN) based on demographic information and over 181,000 Chest X-ray (CXR) labeled by experienced radiologists on related chest diseases/syndromes and COVID-19 positive cases. In addition, VinBrain also collected a big data set of 1,289,701 images from Vietnam & oversea.

Today, we are making a remarkable step forward onto our journey of our first accomplishment:

DrAid™ MVP v1 1st Release by 14/06/2020!

Here are few highlights about our shipping story:

Of course, these won’t come without a trust from our chairman, leadership at Vingroup, our hospital and scientific research partners. We feel thankful for this!

VinBrain – Administration of Information Technology
VinBrain – National Hospital of Tropical Diseases
VinBrain – Vinmec System

There are still many great opportunities and improvement areas ahead for us but we believe that our perseverance would be one of the main determinants of our initial achievement also future successes in providing people access to the best healthcare solutions through AI knowledge and services.

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