VinBrain moves into new office!!!

VinBrain moves into new office!!!

Started Jan. 2020, we are excited to announce that VinBrain location in Hanoi got moved to a new office at Vinmec International Clinics 7th floor at Vinhomes Times City, Hà Nội. It is an open space and intended to structure alike to top 5 high-tech companies in the world helping to promote creativity and innovation environment:

Space – We need more space since we are planning to double our team size by 2020. The new office offered not only more space but also more modernized atmosphere as a truly high-tech and innovation company: an open office design that promotes collaboration more efficiently, places with whiteboard for brain storming; and each team member has more space for their own to focus on their task as well as a ‘game’ place to relax with a cup of coffee.

Location – VinBrain is working on AI and IoT tech for healthcare, and there is no better location than being right next door to Vinmec Times City International Hospital. Our team has been working closely with Vinmec radiologists for labeling medical images, evaluate our AI Medical Doctor Assistant and is our first trial site for updated AI product versions. VinBrain Medical Doctor Assistant, an AI software that can help doctors improve medical image diagnostic accuracy at a faster speed. The new location will allow our team members to work more effectively with doctors and patients.

Below are our few new office friendly pictures to demonstrate our intention. 

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