VinBrain – Vinmec – National Lung Hospital collaborating in developing an AI Medical Doctor Assistant application

VinBrain – Vinmec – National Lung Hospital collaborating in developing an AI Medical Doctor Assistant application

On Dec 12th, VinBrain held a ceremony in which they signed with Vinmec Healthcare system and National Lung hospital for a memorandum of understanding (MOU) in developing an AI application, “AI Medical Doctor assistant”. This is the first AI application of its kind in Vietnam, developed with a combination of computer vison technology and natural language processing and can be used to improve doctor’s accuracy rate in image diagnosing.

According to the MOU, VinBrain will collaborate with the hospitals in collecting “golden dataset” for “AI Medical Doctor Assistant” application. VinBrain will provide the methodology, information technology and infrastructure (software and hardware) to collect, label and transfer data from hospital information system to VinBrain’s data center, for analyzing and deep learning purposes.

“AI Medical Doctor assistant” application has been developed by VinBrain since August 2019, in order to improve accuracy in image diagnosing in X-ray, computed tomography (CT) scan and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). In the first phase, the application’s core use case will be in chest X-ray, one of the most popular image diagnostic methodology in Vietnam.

MD. Ngô Văn Đoan shared the result from the golden dataset labeling effort at Vinmec Times City

Vinmec healthcare system was the first hospital that applied VinBrain’s patented labeling tool in collecting “golden dataset” for chest X-ray. The labeling tool was given good feedback from Vinmec radiologists with its user-friendly interface and usability. Moreover, this labeling tool also provides most of key features of a DICOM viewer, such as zoom in/out, contrast and measuring… Additionally, the labeling tool can also provide useful reference information to minimize errors in labeling.

After 2 months of collaborating, Vinmec radiologists has labeled over 68 thousand chest X-ray images with almost no errors. This will be the golden dataset for training AI to detect irregularities in chest X-ray and assist doctors with diagnosing. Additionally, VinBrain also collected over 800 thousand chest X-ray images from medical reseach institution worldwide for labeling.

In order to launch “AI Medical Doctor assisstant” application nationwide in 2020, VinBrain, Vinmec and National Lung hospital will collborate in collecting the golden data set. “We are having high expectation for AI Medical Doctor Assistant application. This will be a very useful tool for doctors to be more effective in chest X-ray diagnostic.”, PhD Nguyễn Viết Nhung (Director of National Lung hospital) said.

Mr. Trương Quốc Hùng, VinBrain’s CEO, was giving a keynote speech about the future and challenges of AI in healthcare and radiology.

VinBrain has previously signed a MOU with Vietnam Ministry of Health for research and developing AI applications in healthcare in Vietnam on Dec 4th, 2019. They also filed a patent for the methodology and the labeling tool in Sept 2019.

Here are more photos taken from the event.

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